Meet our amazing Team!

We have an amazing team with a variety of skills.

  • Beth Bullard
  • Heather Lorensen
  • Emily Boehm
Beth Bullard

Beth and Dottie (BLM Mustang)

 Meet Beth, A disabled Army veteran, with a masters degree in Psychology. she’s the one who keeps us organized and reminds me to eat.  Beth has 6 kids, 3 of her own and 3 step-kids. Her and her significant other, Jeremiah, live on 180 acres they share with his parents, in Mayetta. Beth has a menagerie of animals; chickens, cows, goats, pigs, lambs, dogs, a donkey and her prized mustang. She is a huge advocate for mustangs. She is also planning on doing continuing education in Equine Therapy. Beth helps with riding lessons, pony parties, pretty much anything involving the horses and ponies.

Heather Lorensen
Emily Boehm